Sacred Surrogacy Summit – March 25th

We are so excited to be back to hosting Surrogate Retreats. This year they are going to be day retreats and we plan on making them amazing! You will have the opportunity to connect with other surrogates in your area, make new friends and meet up with old ones.

Our day will be filled with activities some of us have grown to love, and some of us will experience for the first time. Whether you are a new Surrogate or an experienced Surrogate, our retreats are made for you! We promise by the end of the day, you will feel the joy and love that this sisterhood has to offer.

Our first retreat of 2023 will be taking place on Vancouver Island on March 25th! Registration will be closed Thursday March 9th, 2023 so make sure you save your spots early! Please note, there is a $20 fee is to hold your spot and will only be refunded to you upon arrival at the retreat.

Sacred Surrogacy retreat, Vancouver Island, March 25th 2023