sacred spaces

Sacred Space

Having a sacred space is something you will often hear us talk about. We asked co-creator Leia Swanberg:

“Why is setting up a Sacred Space a way to structure your daily surrogacy practice?”

and here’s what she had to say.

A Sacred Space is a visual reminder of your Surrogacy Practice. It’s a place to ground yourself, meditate, and find your breath to send it to the places that may need some softening.

Your sacred space is also a place to protect the sacred items that you are holding throughout your journey, whether it’s crystals, notes, or pictures of your intended parents or surrogate. It’s a place where you can display the items you may have received from Sacred Surrogacy through our subscription boxes.

This space will serve as a reminder of the beautiful journey that you are on.

I’m often asked if people should wait until there is an “official pregnancy” before setting up this space. The answer is a simple “no”. Your journey began as soon as you committed to it. Having a place to dream, grieve, and grow is what this space is for.  

sacred space