How Sacred Surrogacy Started

Did you know that Sacred Surrogacy started as online courses for intended parents and surrogates?

After attending a Sacred Pregnancy Retreat run by Anni Daulter, I knew that it was time to make Sacred Pregnancy available to surrogates and intended parents. However, I was worried about the geographical distance between people. In response, we decided that the self-led courses created with Anni would be the best way for surrogates and intended parents to have access to these sacred courses.

We offer sacred courses for both intended parents and surrogates. They’re both self-led courses that comprise of activities, rituals, and opportunities to awaken your divine mind to newness.

What does it mean to awaken your divine mind?

Awakening your divine mind is many things. It begins with openness. Turn inward to the self so that you can be cleared of any negative energy or mental blocks. You can now begin or continue your surrogacy journey truly open-minded. Many things are available to you through these beautiful practices, ceremonies, meditations, and newness of this experience.

Many parts of the surrogacy process are heavily medicalized and are based on clinical outcomes and legal responsibilities. We know there is something so beautiful and miraculous about the partnering and honouring of each person as they move through this Sacred Pregnancy.

Finding the beauty in surrogacy

Creating, learning, and growing is a spiritual practice surrounding your journey. We invite you to delve deep into this learning and to see this as a truly unique rite of passage! Remember to honour the deep intimacy that is inherent to a surrogate journey!

If you are interested in learning more or gaining access to our Sacred Surrogacy/intended parent program, please reach out to us. We would love to share the link with you so you can get started right away! Sacred Surrogacy Home – Sacred Surrogacy

If you’re not a surrogate yet and are interested in becoming one, head over to the CFC and learn more! Surrogacy in Canada | Canadian Fertility Consulting (