Freeze-dried Breast Milk

Webinar: Freeze-dried Breast Milk for Intended Parents

Learn about the advantages of freeze-dried breast milk and how it helps intended parents continue using breast milk even when they’re far from their surrogates. Watch the webinar and dive into our blog to find out more!

1. Convenience

Freeze-dried breast milk is lightweight and easy to transport. Freeze-dried breastmilk travels with ease: no freezers, no coolers, no stress. This can make it more convenient to ship and store for parents who are located far away from the surrogate.

2. Preserving Nutritional Benefits

Freeze drying is a process that preserves breast milk’s nutritional content, including essential nutrients, antibodies, and enzymes. This ensures that your baby can receive the benefits of breast milk for years to come.

3. Long-Term Preservation

Freeze-drying is a method of preserving breast milk that helps reduce the risk of bacterial contamination and spoilage. Plus it has a much longer shelf life (3-5 years and beyond!) compared to frozen breast milk which is best to use within 12 months. This means you can rest assured knowing that every precious drop of breast milk is safeguarded, minimizing waste and ensuring its availability when needed.

4. Flexibility

Freeze-dried breast milk can provide flexibility in feeding schedules and is a convenient option for parents who may not always be able to access fresh breast milk from their surrogates. When making up a baby bottle, treat your Booby Food as if you were using powdered formula. You can prep bottles up to 24 hours in advance, just like powdered infant formula.

If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about freeze-drying breast milk, don’t hesitate to contact Booby Food and schedule a complimentary consultation.