This is Sacred Surrogacy

Honouring every phase of your sacred journey.

Sacred Surrogacy is a community, resource and program for surrogates, intended parents and egg donors. 

Surrogacy and egg donation are not just medical transactions; they are soul contracts that you are making with another person to bring life into the world. It’s our intention to provide vital guidance and support while navigating this extraordinary experience.

Sacred Surrogacy is a safe place to feel seen and heard; a place for you to explore the highs and lows that are inherently part of this experience; a resource to help you practice self-care; and discover deeper connections on this wild adventure.

Co-Founder & CEO

Leia Swanberg

Leia, the CEO of Canadian Fertility Consulting and a mother of five, has carried two surrogate pregnancies herself.

‘After attending a Sacred Pregnancy retreat in the summer of 2014, I quickly realized how beautifully it translated into my work in the surrogacy world. Collaborating with Anni Daulter on Sacred Surrogacy has been a true labour of love. Sacred Surrogacy is meant to bridge the disconnect between the industry and how special, beautiful and life-changing surrogacy is.’

What We Do


There’s no one-size-fits-all in surrogacy. We explore the highs and lows, the genuine connections, and our vulnerable experiences. We aim to provide you with knowledge and a place of belonging; a safe space to feel the physical, emotional, and spiritual changes that surrogacy has on our lives.


Sacred Surrogacy offers retreats across Canada for surrogates, egg donors and intended parents. An opportunity to connect with others in your community, practice mindfulness, set intentions and find common ground on shared experiences.

Sacred Subscription Boxes

Subscription Boxes

Surrogacy is a unique experience and it’s just as wonderful as having a child any other way. We have created holistic surrogacy-related items with the intention this subscription service will provide vital guidance and support for you in the most loving and sacred way.

Etsy Shop

For those who are not enrolled in our program, our products are available for purchase in our Etsy store.
We also offer these items at wholesale prices for agencies worldwide.