About Sacred Surrogacy

Surrogacy is one of the deepest drinks life has to offer and should, in all ways, be treated as sacred.

What is Sacred Surrogacy?

The Sacred Surrogacy movement offers a deeper way to view this remarkable journey. It is a way to embrace the beauty that is inherently a part of the pregnancy and birth process, and to navigate the path of alternative family building. Through our courses intended parents and surrogates learn self care practices, as well as ways to connect to the process in a soul fulfilling and meaningful way.

Sacred Surrogacy is both online classes and weekend retreats for surrogates and intended parents. We have also recently launched the Sacred Donation subscription box, which allows intended parents to thank their known or anonymous egg donor for the beautiful gift she is giving.

Why We Started Sacred Surrogacy

Leia Swanberg and Anni Daulter, the creator of Sacred Pregnancy, teamed up to create these programs to bridge the disconnect in the industry between surrogates and the beauty that was available to them. The goal was simple—to honour and celebrate each of these women for the extraordinary gift she is giving. Our hope is that when a surrogate participates in a spiritual practice that honours her, it will in turn honour the relationship with her intended parents.

The movement has now grown significantly, and branched into a program specifically for intended parents, who also benefit from the practice of being honoured while they walk this journey. We now serve over 400 families across the world each year through our retreats, online classes, and subscription boxes.

BBC World Documentary

In 2018, Sacred Surrogacy and several of its participating surrogates were featured in a BBC World Documentary.

The Surrogates Club takes a look into the tight-knit community of surrogates in Canada, where our altruistic surrogacy model is radically different from commercial surrogacy in other countries.

The BBC’s Veleria Perasso follows along as these women navigate the emotional challenges of carrying a baby they must let go of after birth, and meets the families who will welcome home these little miracles.

Meet Our Founder

Leia Swanberg

Leia, the CEO of Canadian Fertility Consulting and a mother of five, has carried two surrogate pregnancies herself.

'After attending a Sacred Pregnancy retreat in the summer of 2014, I quickly realized how beautifully it translated into my work in the surrogacy world. Collaborating with Anni Daulter on Sacred Surrogacy has been a true labour of love. Sacred Surrogacy will be changing the conversation and status quo within the industry, making via a surrogate a thing of the past, and through the beautiful gift of surrogacy an industry standard.'

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