Surrogacy Milestone Cards


These 19 Milestone Cards package are a great addition to show off your surrogacy pregnancy.

From choosing to be someone’s surrogate, to first kick, to your due date, these cards are bilingual in English on one side and French on the reverse. Take pictures with these cards at each step in your journey to remember all the milestones along the way and to share with your Intended Parents.

Each package of cards contains 19 unique bilingual cards with a milestone, including:
I would love to be your surrogate, Officially matched, Contracts signed, Medically cleared, First day of injections, The adventure begins, Proud surrogate, Transfer day, Two week wait, Pregnant with Purpose, Today we heard your heartbeat, Their bun, my oven, No More Needles, First Kick, My Hospital bag is packed, 1st Trimester, 2nd Trimester, 3rd Trimester, Due Date

Using a matching card, take a nice photo and place it in your memory album. These milestone cards are ideal as a gift for any expectant surrogate.